Fragile Finance: Rethinking the International Monetary System

This book seeks to revive the policy debate on the functioning of the world financial system. It includes three thought-provoking papers presented by well-known experts, Stephany Griffith-Jones, Arjun Sengupta and John Williamson at an international workshop in The Hague and reports on the ensuing lively and in-depth debate by a group of eminent officials, private bankers, researchers and politicians.

Contents, Abbreviations & The Authors 

Preface by H. Johannes Witteveen

Introduction by Jan Joost Teunissen

I The Return of Private Capital to Latin American Countries: The Facts, an Analytical Framework and Some Policy Issues by Stephany Griffith-Jones,  with Ana Marr and Alicia Rodriguez

II Aid and Development Policies in the 1990s by Arjun Sengupta

III International Monetary Reform and the Prospects for Economic Development by John Williamson

Summary of Workshop Discussion by Percy S. Mistry

Appendix: List of Participants and Bibliography

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January 1992
ISBN-10: 90-74208-02-9

132 pages

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