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Global Imbalances and Developing Countries: Remedies for a Failing International Financial System

Global Imbalances and the US Debt Problem: Should Developing Countries Support the US Dollar?

Africa in the World Economy: The National, Regional and International Challenges

Protecting the Poor: Global Financial Institutions and the Vulnerability of Low- Income Countries

Helping the Poor? The IMF and Low- Income Countries

Contributing authors: Ernest Aryeetey, Hannah Bargawi, Graham Bird, Stijn Claessens, Roy Culpeper, Louis Kasekende, Ron Keller, William Lyakurwa, Matthew Martin, Jan Joost Teunissen
Editors: Jan Joost Teunissen and Age Akkerman, June 2005

Diversity in Development: Reconsidering the Washington Consensus

HIPC Debt Relief: Myths and Reality

Contributing authors: Amar Bhattacharya, Geske Dijkstra, Martin Gilman, Florence Kuteesa, Matthew Martin, Mothae Maruping, Wayne Mitchell, Rosetti Nabbumba Nayenga, Jan Joost Teunissen
Editors: Jan Joost Teunissen and Age Akkerman, February 2004

China's Role in Asia and the World Economy: Fostering Stability and Growth

Financial Stability and Growth in Emerging Economies: The Role of the Financial Sector

The Crisis that Was Not Prevented: Lessons for Argentina, the IMF, and Globalisation

A Regional Approach to Financial Crisis Prevention: Lessons from Europe and Initiatives in Asia, Latin America and Africa

New Challenges of Crisis Prevention: Addressing Economic Imbalances in the North and Boom-Bust Cycles in the South

Reforming the International Financial System: Crisis Prevention and Response

The Management of Global Financial Markets

Private Capital Flows to Africa: Perception and Reality

Contributing authors: Nils Bhinda, Stephany Griffith-Jones, Louis Kasekende, Charles Kimei, Stuart Kufeni, Jonathan Leape, Matthew Martin, Austin Matale
Editor: Jan Joost Teunissen, December 1999

Regulatory and Supervisory Challenges in a New Era of Global Finance

The Policy Challenges of Global Financial Integration

Contributing authors: Zdeněk Drábek, Stephany Griffith-Jones, Percy Mistry, Jan Joost Teunissen, Johannes Witteveen
Editor: Jan Joost Teunissen, May 1998

Regional Integration and Multilateral Cooperation in the Global Economy

Regionalism and the Global Economy: The Case of Central and Eastern Europe

Regionalism and the Global Economy: The Case of Africa

Regional Integration Arrangements in Economic Development: Panacea or Pitfall?

Author: Percy Mistry
October 1996

Resolving Africa's Multilateral Debt Problem: A Response to the IMF and the World Bank

Author: Percy Mistry
September 1996

Can Currency Crises Be Prevented or Better Managed? Lessons from Mexico

Regionalism and the Global Economy: The Case of Latin America and the Caribbean

Multilateral Development Banks: An Assessment of their Financial Structures, Policies and Practices

Author: Percy Mistry
February 1995

Multilateral Debt: An Emerging Crisis?

Author: Percy Mistry
February 1994

The Pursuit of Reform: Global Finance and the Developing Countries

Fragile Finance: Rethinking the International Monetary System

African Debt Revisited: Procrastination or Progress?

Author: Percy Mistry
November 1991